How to Hire GREAT people

WARNING! – Long BUT massively value packed post. Hiring is probably one of the most important areas for any business owner and while most may know that, it is usually a task that has the most disproportionate amount of time allocated to it. As owners we tend to focus on the things that give us more tangible immediate … Read moreHow to Hire GREAT people

Book Review – The Checklist Manifesto

I’d heard this book referenced many times so it was time to check it out. Here are the highlights. It is a pretty quick read and has some interesting stories. I’d recommend the read. I found of particular interest, the points that give instruction on how to create effective checklists (points 10 – 15). Enjoy. … Read moreBook Review – The Checklist Manifesto

An Interview with Nicole Pereira

As a business leader, it is my firm belief that there countless lessons we can learn from other business owners who have traveled the road before us.
Introducing Nicole Pereira.
Nicole is a second generation business owner who owns and manages the Honda Dealership in Cambridge Ontario Canada. I had the privilege of working with Nicole and helping her on her journey and now she shares with us some of the insights she’s collected not just through working with me but throughout her whole business career.
Nicole’s journey is an interesting one. I won’t spoil it here but I suspect many of the challenges she has gone through will resonate with many of you. Particularly those in the next generation seat.
We dive into many areas; her struggle with self belief, her philosophy around team, recruiting and also the dynamics of family business.
I actually did this interview back in March last year and now was the time to share it. Enjoy the discussion.
If you’d like to download the interview (mp3) just save this link.

How to get High Quality Consistent Sales Training for your Team

It has been said there are 3 things that top sales people do consistently. They train, train and train. But as a business owner, how do you provide consistent training that gives you and your team the edge to stay at the forefront? Well, for starters you can go to seminars, read books or bring … Read moreHow to get High Quality Consistent Sales Training for your Team

Do Your People Want To, or Feel They Have To?

There are not many businesses out there where the results are not massively affected by the people who work there. In fact, there are none.Knowing this is true, how much effort and emphasis should be placed on your philosophy and practices concerning your people? Tons.I commonly hear Business Owners complaining about how hard it is … Read moreDo Your People Want To, or Feel They Have To?