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Jamie delivers a realistic and energy-driven educational experience that audiences can relate to. With real-life examples and clear formulas that are easy to understand, Jamie helps business owners ‘jump off the hamster wheel’ and direct their energy into changes that will pave the path to growth success with a humour and wit that is only matched by his expertise.

Some of our past presentations:


Jumping off the hamster Wheel


How to find and hire a team that makes growth easy


The secrets to steady balance, cash flow and a stronger bottom line


The 6-point formula for compounding your profits for growth


Must-have tactics for regaining your life...and your time

Break Free and get BIG results for your business. 

Unlock the potential for sustainable and compounding business growth. In this content-rich presentation, Jamie will share with you a framework that is both accessible and practical. And better yet, it is a framework which is applicable for your business and leadership straight away. Based on the Jumping off the Hamster Wheel methodology, this presentation will give every participant immediate and actionable items they can implement in their own business right away. It’s business coaching-light – and it’s for everyone.

What is the hamster wheel, anyway?

It’s a classic image. A hamster on a wheel, their little legs going crazy, yet, no matter how much energy they put into it, they are going nowhere.

It’s the same for many business owners. You have a powerful desire to move forward, grow your business and achieve some level of freedom and control of your life, yet no matter how tirelessly you work, the more time and effort you put in, the more you feel trapped and a slave to the very business you created.

Habits Matter

Unlock the code that drives our habits and behaviour: What’s the secret to your success?

It’s often two things which prevent you from achieving your best: What you don’t know; or what you do know and aren’t doing.


How to spot the behaviours that are holding you back


Find out what motivates your habits...and what to do with that knowledge


Learn the keys to unlock the vault of your own possibility


'Peel back the onion' to master your own communication style

Wondering what types of behaviours are holding you back?

This video outlines 5 of the common behaviours we see that have sabotaged the success of countless business owners. I was first made aware of these by a great business leader and teacher named Marshall Thurber. They’ve made a huge impact on my life, for that of our clients, and I sincerely hope they can do the same for you.


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what our audience says:

The day I listened to your presentation, I was unsure if you could help but thought that I had nothing to lose by talking to you but During our initial meeting I became very excited by what you had to say and could not wait to get started. I have gone from working 60 hours a week to 36. Jamie has taught me to step outside the box and not be afraid to try new things.

Sheryl Bender, Owner S&D Accounting

...he was outstanding! His presentation content was valuable and adjusted to best address my firms needs....His delivery was highly engaging....I highly endorse Jamie as a speaker and a breakout session facilitator.

Dave Freeman, CEO Health First Network

Even with my existing knowledge around business, and marketing particularly, it has been extremely helpful to have someone to bounce ideas off and help me see my blind spots. If you have the desire to take your business up a notch, I highly recommend getting Jamie on board."

Stacey Sherwood, Owner SupperWorks Ancaster

I met Jamie after my daughter dragged me kicking and screaming to one of his seminars...and then signed him on as our coach. The systems and procedures we’ve created have had a massive impact on our bottom line ... and our stress levels. We have made our investment back many times over

Brenda Meridith, President - Central Industrial Solutions

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