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4 Surefire Steps to Sales Success

Sales success is pretty important when running a business.

In the video below, I share the four key things that are critical for making sales. (Stay tuned for #4 where we dive into the ‘secret sauce’.)

The steps are not complicated, in fact they are quite simple. That doesn’t mean that they’re easy, but by understanding them, we can understand where we might be lacking or where the opportunity lies to be better than we are.

Let’s dive in:

Step 1: Be clear about what you want to achieve

If you don’t know what you’re after, how do you know how much activity you need to do? How do you know how to go about it? How do you know when you’re there? The best way to do that is to put pen to paper. You need to define it.

Step 2: Create the plan

Once you know what you’re after, you’ll need to know the steps to take to get there. The goals define the magnitude and the steps lay out the road map.

The plan is the ‘how’, and you need to define the channels. Will it be direct media, knocking on doors, email campaign, social media, joint venture partnership?

What does it look like and what are the avenues? If you are making phone calls, how many calls do you need to make and when?

Clear, concise goals helps you to allocate your time and resources on the right things. It smacks you with the reality of what it will take to get there.

We have a free 90-Day planning tool that will help with the ‘how’.

Step 3: Take Action!

Get up and take action. Its not a complicated step yet it brings a lot of us unstuck. Ask yourself if you need to organize your time better? Do you need accountability? Revisit your plan because you’re not clear on the steps? Are you scared? Clear up those questions, and you will be sure of creating the space to get it done.

Step 4: Have a sales success mindset

THIS is where the gold lies. Mindset allows you not only to take the action but reap the rewards of those actions. Within Step 4, there are four key areas to focus:

1. Have confidence: In yourself, your business, your services and offerings, your ethics, etc. If you have a feeling in you that you are genuinely helping other people, there is an energy you carry that’s magnetic. When someone buys from you, what they’re partly buying is confidence in you. When you lack confidence it creates a natural barrier to the sales process.

2. A Natural an Genuine Care and Curiosity In Others. When you genuinely care, you ask better questions because you want to get to the root of their issue and solve it. When you pair that with confidence, that’s a magical combination.

3. Abundance Mindset – If you have any scarcity feelings about money, you’re likely projecting that onto others which will sabotage your sales efforts. If you deeply believe the money you charge for your product or service is a fair exchange of value.

4. Acceptance Mindset – It’s regularly driven into us that we need to hustle and do whatever it takes to get a sale. While being driven is good, this mindset can translate into pushiness or desperation which turns people off. When you develop the mindset that you don’t need to make every sale, and you approach your product or service as a thing that brings value, and you approach people with curiosity and openness, then you naturally remove those barriers.

The final word on sales success

When you master this mindset, good things come your way. You’re also going to meet some really great people, and some not great ones. All you can control is yourself, your product and your service. Manage those items and accept all of the other items you can’t control, and you will find sales success. I guarantee that if you can hold that state you will absolutely achieve your sales goals. It’s a pretty unique set of skills to have that takes a lifetime to achieve, but if you work at it, and improve by 1% every day, that compounds into the right skills in your toolbox. Just practice, follow the steps and be willing to play the long game. Good luck out there.

Sales Success in Four Easy Steps!

As always Contact us if you need help with your sales journey, or any other aspect of owning a business!

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