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Jamie is an award-winning business coach & the founder of SalesUp! Business Coaching. He’s the author of Jumping off the Hamster Wheel’, and is regularly featured in media outlets such as: Kochie’s Business Builders, Dynamic Business, Channel 9, Triple M the Border, and more…

At SalesUp! Business Coaching, Jamie and his team help turn the light on for business owners when the path forward isn’t clear. Jamie has dedicated his career to making businesses better – with some pretty stunning results, by taking the guesswork out of the core principles every business needs to succeed.

As a business owner, with operations on both sides of the globe, Jamie continues to build on his business roots, which he obtained working managing a multi-million dollar business before moving his life to Canada (where he still maintains a division of SalesUp! and several successful real estate ventured) to build a family before returning down under to expand the enterprise.

A sought-after speaker, Jamie delivers keynotes and commentary to a variety of industries, while continuing to mentor select businesses one-on-one across the globe.

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As a keynote speaker, Jamie delivers a realistic and energy driven educational experience that audiences relate to. Jamie taps into real-life examples and provides clear formulas that are easy to follow with a unique sense of humour, wit, and expertise.

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Why Business Coaching?

  • If your goal was to summit Mt. Everest, you wouldn't (& shouldn't) wing it. You would seek out the advice and guidance of an experience guide - someone who knows the ins and outs of the mountain, and can provide you advice, direction and support as you propel your feet towards the pinnacle. That's what a business coach does...and we apply that same strategy to any business in any industry; so you're never walking the journey alone. One of our clients said having us around was akin to having someone "turn on the light" in a dark room. We love that anthology. We love helping business owners see their goals and help illuminate the path to achieving them.