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Most business books contain great ideas but lack straightforward advice on how (and when) to implement them. Jumping off the Hamster Wheel gathers everything business owners need to know to succeed, in a format that lets you choose only the tasks that are relevant to you . . . which means less time spinning your wheels, and more time building your business. It’s a business book that lets you choose your own adventure…but with results that work.

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What is the Hamster Wheel, Anyway?

It’s a classic image. A hamster on a wheel: their little legs going crazy, yet no matter how much energy they put into it, they are going nowhere.

It’s the same for many business owners. You have a powerful desire to move forward, grow your business and achieve some level of freedom and control of your life. Yet no matter how tirelessly you work, the more time and effort you put in, the more you feel trapped and a slave to the very business you created.

With an easy-to-understand methodology and a textbook-style approach, Jumping off the Hamster Wheel helps you decide which critical business measures make sense for your organization, and help you implement them for success. It’s business coaching lite…and it’s for everyone.

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This book gives you the tools to improve and the options to make your business manageable with the sleep at night factor. Our business will continue to be successful with the assistance of these business principles

Scott McGuren

Jamie provides systems, structure and organization. These are the foundations required for small business owners, entrepreneurs and their mangers and this is what this book delivers! This book is suited for: the business owner that is just beginning their journey , the business owner who is looking to seriously GROW their business and the veteran business owner that is preparing their business and is looking for an exit strategy that is 3 to 5 years away.

Rodney Hough

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