Do Your People Want To, or Feel They Have To?

10 Shocking Stats About Employee Engagement

There are not many businesses out there where the results are not massively affected by the people who work there. In fact, there are none.
Knowing this is true, how much effort and emphasis should be placed on your philosophy and practices concerning your people? Tons.
I commonly hear Business Owners complaining about how hard it is to find good people and the stress and inconvenience caused by employees etc.
Yes, people are complex, that is what makes us human—but the truth is—you don’t have a business without them.
People are your staff and they are your customers. They are your suppliers and your financiers. And how they feel about you and your business is going to greatly influence how easily and well you grow your business.
As recently as February of this year, only a scant 30% of workers in the US were considered to be “engaged” in their jobs. That means that almost 3/4 of an entire workforce is DIS-engaged and is working well below what makes them happy and fulfilled. Now those words ‘happy and fulfilled’ make some business owners cringe …
“I mean shouldn’t they just be happy they have a job? They should be thanking me!”
That attitude is fine if you are happy with below-average people. And when I say below average people, what I mean is people who are not inspired or engaged.
89% of employers think that employees leave them for more money—when the shocking truth is that only 12% actually do. So why did the other 88% up and leave? The answer may be more basic than you think:
The fact is every human being wants to be and feel loved and cared about. We are selfish creatures who are primarily concerned with how we feel. For some, this is a lesson we’d rather not hear. It’s too soft and emotional.
In contrast, today’s business environment is sprouting a new breed of business that is employee-centric. These businesses (think Zappo’s, Google, Netflix to name some) know that when their team feels cared for, engaged and challenged, they pass that on to the customer who in turn feels great about the business.
More importantly, engaged employees are so, not only because they are cared for, but because they truly understand the trajectory of the organization—and exactly what their role is in its success.
Have you ever been served a coffee by someone frowning? It might physically be the best coffee in the world but you don’t necessarily get that feeling from it. You may not even consciously notice – it’s just that the experience is ‘just ok’. Compare that to being served a coffee by someone with a genuine smile who when they look you in the eye communicate, “I really hope you enjoy this. I made if for you” and there is a hand-drawn smiley face on the lid. There is a tangible difference.
And the same goes for all people who interact and connect with your business. Do your team ‘want to’ be there or feel they ‘have to’ be there. How people feel after they interact with your business is a telling sign for the sustainability and potential for greatness of your business.
Take it seriously. It should be one of your top priorities—not only for your people—but for the throngs of customers who will jump ship to a competitor that truly “gets it”.
Just look below, and ask yourself. Do I “get it?”
Infographic crafted with love by Officevibe, the corporate team building and employee engagement platform.

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