Persistence in Sales

There is an art to being persistent. You need to know when to back off, when to follow up and what to follow up with.
My client Cheryl who runs a company focused on lead generation and client loyalty, I believe is one of the best sales people on the planet. She tells the story of how she worked for 2 yrs before landing BP as her client. 2YRS!! How many of you are working for more than 3 months to land a client.

And I can tell you that 2yrs is not her longest effort but I didn’t want to freak you right out ☺
You see, so long as you know and believe you have value to add to someone, why would you stop trying to do so. If you give up trying it is just a lose/lose outcome. They never get the benefit of your product or service and you never get them as a client.
Now let me be clear, there is a BIG difference between calling someone every 2nd day and trying to sell them something vs finding things of interest and value to them so you can engage them and build a relationship.
The art of persistence IS having an unshakable belief that you can help someone and being aware and in-tune to the best way of communicating with your prospect in a way that is going to engage them and help them see the value in buying from you.
I’ll give you a clue … this is not something that just happens. You have to work at it.
So get to it … and have lots of fun!

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