7 Marketing Books That Will Boost Results in Uncertain Times

We are living in uncertain times. For many business owners it will be hard to focus on the future beyond next week, let alone any grand plans for the future. For many the future is just survival, and that is okay, but survival doesn’t mean sitting still and letting all the forces around us dictate what will happen – it’s making an early attempt at active recovery. A lot of that can be done through marketing, whether refining your message, changing the mode or looking for new opportunities, these books just may help you move down that road a little quicker.

Marketing books can help with asking the right questions

In our post on the 7 Steps for Crisis Management, we talk about looking for opportunities. To do this ask the following:

  • Who are your core and ideal customers?
  • What are their needs?
  • How have their needs changed in recent times?
  • What can you do to adapt to those changes?
  • Are recent changes in the world bringing about new customers for your business?

Asking good questions and learning some of the tips and techniques that have underpinned marketing and advertising for decades will help you take an active role in your business – whether to meet new needs now, or begin a business recovery plan. Here are our favourite marketing books to start with:

Instant Advertising

By: Brad Sugars

Instant Advertising is the go-to for creating ads that stand out, reach new markets and won’t break the bank.

It is a great starting point for business owners for whom the language of “selling” doesn’t come naturally.

This book is a great one to pick up and go through bit by bit, as long as you take action on the ideas inside. Brad’s ideas have massive breadth and provide practical tips for business owners to choose which ones to implement.

scientific marketing books

My Life in Advertising & Scientific Advertising

By: Claude Hopkins

Some marketing books become classics for a reason. My Life in Advertising and Scientific Advertising provides valuable lessons from the inventor of test marketing and coupon sampling.

This book follows a set of basic principles that still apply today. “Argue anything for your own advantage and people will resist to the limit. But seem unselfishly to consider your customers desires, and they will naturally flock to you.”

happy marketing books

Building the Happiness Centred Business

By: Dr. Paddi Lund

Building the Happiness Centred Business follows the journey of Brisbane-based dentist as he outlines the responses he made to his own business problems.

Any business owner who feels stressed about their own situations will take hope from this enlightening read.

In this book, Dr. Lund focuses on the customer systems which act as their own form of marketing.

write language marketing books

Write Language: The Secrets of Writing Letters That Really Work

By: Allan Pease and Paul Dunn

If you can get your hands on a copy of Write Language I hope you do.

Business communications are critical, particularly when it comes to customer attraction. This book provides easy to follow advice that can be implemented in any business to improve the way you interact with the world.

22 laws of marketing books

The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing

By: Al Ries and Jack Trout

Simply put, The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing outlines the definitive rules which govern the marketing landscape.

Provided in a series of 22 laws, this book provides a mixture of common-sense actions and real-life examples that make marketing something to be conquered, not feared.

Don’t be swayed by the somewhat “classic” examples given, these laws still exists, and are valuable in helping small business owners determine their future.

80/20 marketing books

80/20 Sales and Marketing

By: Perry Marshall

80/20 Sales and Marketing: The Definitive Guide to Working Less and Making More is a book that is always recommended to new client of ours.

In fact, the concept of the 80/20 rule is something we talk about a lot here at SalesUp! because it works.

When applied to marketing it can solve any type of conversion problem you might be seeing as a business owner struggling to convert visitors into customers.

Jumping off the Hamster Wheel

By: Jamie Cunningham

Jumping off the Hamster Wheel is not posted here out of any sense of bravado, but a chance for business owners to implement new ideas in a step-by-step approach that gets results.

The entire goal of this book focuses on teaching (or reinforcing) the tools that help businesses do their best, and allow their owners to sleep well at night. Section 4 on Growth is entirely dedicated to marketing tactics that work and guide you on how to implement them in your business

It doesn’t matter which marketing books you choose

No matter which marketing books you begin with, the important thing is that you begin. Now more than ever, you may be convinced that sitting down and reading is the last thing you have time for. With the current world situation, the time you spend now on professional development will be one that pays off on the other side.

Happy Reading!

Don’t forget to leave me your favourite marketing books in the comments. What has worked for you? Have any books given you that “a-hah” moment?

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