Image of Jamie Speaking on How to Have Time For Everything

How to Have Time For Everything

The Time Problem

If you ever find yourself saying there aren’t enough hours in the day then this video is exclusively to help you have enough time for everything.

In it, you’ll find out how using the key mindset principles you’ll become a business owner who is control of their time and has balance in their life.

Time, our one and only scarce resource. If you find yourself short of time, you’re like a lot of people out there – but it doesn’t have to be that way.

The Time Solution

In section three of Jumping off the Hamster Wheel we talk about time choices, but in this video I want to share one mindset which, if you can adopt as your default thought process, will help you get a long way down the track to free up your time.

The best business owners, the ones who operate from a space of calm and control and have balance in their business and lives have a default behaviour of laziness…no, not that type of lazy. They’re not sitting on the couch letting things pass them by, but they think about tasks with approach of, “how can I get the outcome I want for this task, without having to put in any of my own effort.”

Now, this isn’t just a cop-out or “better-than” mentality to avoiding work, because there’s actually a very important reason for that mode of thinking. The moment you jump on all the little day-to-day things in your business long after you reach the point where you don’t need to do it anymore you get stuck in a perpetual (hamster) wheel where you never advance beyond those administrative tasks to the big picture items like increasing revenue, capturing more market share or scaling your business, that require a bit of time and headspace to figure out.

Sometimes it is sitting on the couch, or walking or
meditating or staring at a wall that allow you to come up with the ideas that
are going to change your business, and it is that critical “downtime”
where you allow your brain to get creative and look at things from a wider
perspective that will yield results.

Time Control in Action

One of our business partners is growing through some pretty
strong growth at the moment. They’re onboarding a really large customer;
they’ve got some new supply chains they’re looking at and they’re moving premises.
Even if they could handle all of those items and deal with the day-to-day
aspects of running their business, it would physically be too much and would lean
to burnout, which is where mistakes and lost opportunities lay.

Instead, they’ve decided to bring in a short-term project
manager to coordinate the move to the new facility—someone who is really
skilled at handling this type of task—which is freeing up the director to
manage the critical onboarding of a huge customer and develop supply-chain
relationships and not feel completely full.

The truth is, when we’re full, we’re stressed, overwhelmed and unable to focus on the mid to long-term goals your business needs to succeed; most importantly it’s hardly the mindset you need to have time for everything

Getting the Right Tools

There are a ton of hands-on tactical tools in Jumping off
the Hamster Wheel
, the right way to brain dump, how to prioritize & delegate
effectively how to develop a default calendar, and the list goes on. If you
feel you could use those tools, get your copy of the book and download the free
tools and templates that will help you get off the hamster wheel.

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