Critical Insight

3 Things You Need Insight On For Success

When doing strategic planning, it is essential to gain some insight from your team members on their perceptions of the business, where it’s going, and why things are the way they are. Remember when it comes to your employees, every action they make is a direct result of their perception of the business and their understanding of why it is being done. The important part is to marry their expectations with yours so that the team can function as a cohesive unit for the purpose of growing your business. With that said, there are three key questions you need to ask of your employees before the strategic planning process begins (and is something to keep a gauge on at least once a year):
1. What should we START doing?
2. What should we STOP doing?
3. What should we KEEP doing?
With the answers to those key questions, you will be able to gain insight and spot trends and patterns of thinking in your employees which will guide your planning discussions.
Good luck, and have fun.

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