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If you're not getting the results you want from your business, we'll help you get there with tools designed to strengthen your team, get better financial results, and balance your life.

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“We've dramatically changed around our cash flow.”

"Where we used to be into our line of credit by a massive amount, now we are in the positive by the equal amount. We did this by Jamie helping us with small changes in our purchasing process and training staff. We also developed specific measures of success that allow team to know how to make the right decisions.​"
Brenda Meredith
Owner - Central Industrial Solutions

"Business coaching changed my life"

"I went from working 60 to 36 hours per week. You have taught me to step outside the box and not be afraid to try different techniques."
Sheryl Bender
Owner - S&DAccounting

Why Work With a Business Coach?

Business Coaching is for any business owner who wants more for their business but feels like they’re spinning their wheels without getting anywhere. We create the conditions that let you:


Create more growth, control the growth you have or regain lost ground

Make Money

Strengthen cash flow, create a budget that puts profit-first and create lasting wealth

Take a Holiday

Build a business that lets you take a day off (or a whole holiday) without worry and stress

Build a Team

Build a team that loves their job and through better hiring, communication and feedback

Work Smarter

Set up processes that are perfectly customized for you; and allow you to work smarter and get results

Sell More

Receive a sales training program that allows you to improve your marketing and customer reach

Although business and life coaching are two totally different things, we understand how much of your personal life is wrapped up in your business, and help you fix them. Because we understand, we can lighten the load. We are a no-judgment zone.

Watch the video to learn how we can get you to your goals faster.

Business Coaching That Delivers Results

If you want to strengthen your team and get better results, having a strong foundation is key. Our business coaching programs focus on the core aspects of your business that are guaranteed to produce results. No fluff. No empty promises, and no magic pills. Our systems work by tapping into the right fundamentals and ensuring the steps to success are clearly laid out and customized specifically for the business and life you want to build.

Here’s to finally jumping off the hamster wheel…


Our most enhanced program, 1:1 is your permission to dream big. Completely customizable and reserved for businesses who want to stop spinning their wheels, and build a business that works


The coaching process is strengthened by the hearts and minds of a carefully selected group of entrepreneur's and is a boutique group program aimed at mutual success.


From business foundationals to an array of rotating special interest topics, our online programs are the place to go for targeted education. Choose from free webinars or a suite of on-demand programs at your own pace.

we deal with more than just business...

Did you know?

business owner mental health

Mental health issues among small business owners in Australia is more than double the national average 

If you’re struggling to balance the needs of your business with the rest of your life we’re here to help. 

 We know there is no firm line between business and home for small business owners, and we know business growth can only happen with the right tools and support to create change and understand what’s holding you back.

Let us help you straighten the path to success

Business Coaching success stories

From Beechworth, Melbourne and Albury-Wodonga, Australia to Ontario, Canada and even California we are proud to serve diverse business owners from a multitude of industries across the globe. They have seen results because we give them the tools to learn and strategically apply the right strategies in their business at the right time.

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After continued success in the business world, and growing several businesses, Jamie became an award-winning business coach, who has been helping entrepreneurs harness stable growth for nearly two-decades.

Based near Albury-Wodonga, Jamie heads up the Sales Up Business Coaching headquarters with a satellite office in Guelph, Canada. Jamie and his wife Erin own, and remain active in, several businesses internationally (practice what they preach!)

Through his keynote speaking and business coaching, Jamie has energized hundreds of businesses who want to reach their potential. When Jamie isn’t busy helping others achieve their dreams, he’s living his own with the loves of his life (his wife and 2 magnificent daughters) as well as ripping up the mountain-biking trails in and around Beechworth, Australia.

Photo of Jamie Cunningham Business Coaching

Are you ready to improve your business?

Give us 15 minutes, and your biggest concern, and we’ll give you insight on where to begin, absolutely free and with no obligation.

Meet Our Team

We’re global, super-passionate, and totally obsessed with helping our clients find a better way to do business.

Jamie Cunningham

Principal BUSINESS advisor

An international speaker & business coach, Jamie has dedicated his career to making businesses better – with some pretty stunning results. As a business owner with operations on both sides of the globe, Jamie has a unique understanding of our client’s goals – and cares enough to help them reach them in a way that  works for them.

Melina Gillies, CHRP, MAHRI

HR Specialist | Client success

Melina is a highly competent & professional Certified HR 
Leader with a passion for the people side of business, and brings a wealth of knowledge to the team. Due to her varied background & creative nature, she is also the ‘go-to’ person for client support and the operational requirements of SalesUp! Business Coaching.

are you ready to jump off the hamster wheel?

Let us help you get more out of your business.

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