The Importance of Planning + key thought provoking questions

If you have not already done so, now is the time to get clear for the quarter ahead.
A task that seems to be easy to let slide … but you know the difference when you take the time to plan.
Key Question: Based on my past performance, how thorough does my planning need to be in order to achieve my goals? Side note: This does not need to be boring. On the contrary … I had a couple of beers overlooking the beach while doing it. It helped to boost creativity. If you need some guidance or structure for you planning, use our 90-day planning system (email our office for a copy)
The questions you ask yourself during this time are key.
Here are a few I asked myself during my session. Some are short term (next 90-days and some are bigger picture)

  • What would I have to do (WWIHTD), to get 6 new speaking engagement in the next quarter?
  • WWIHTD to increase the number of referrals I receive by 50%. What value would I have to deliver?
  • How would I further develop my niche and what might the benefits be?
  • If I wanted to achieve my 5yr goals in 1yr, what would I need to learn or change about myself?
  • What has been my true motivator for action in the past? Has it changed? How can I leverage that more to be more proactive?
  • From what I’ve learned about Family Business Australia (A new organisation I’ve recently joined) what role should it play in my business over the next 3yrs?
  • Where do I want to see Melina (my right hand person) within the business in 3yrs time?
  • Who do I need to be more of to achieve my goals?
  • What do I want from my new marketing system (the implementation of this is a 90-day goal)
  • What are the keys for me to maintain momentum without getting sidetracked?

Now what are your questions? Developing your questions might just be the most important part of planning. Without the question, the thinking and planning never comes. And of course, then neither does the results.

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