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Do more of what grows your business.

You know you should be spending more time developing your business, but how can you manage it with all the day-to-day demands? 

If you’re committed to fulfilling the promise you made yourself when you became an entrepreneur to take control of your future, gain more personal time and build financial independence, this is the group for you. Spend a 1/2 day each month and gain:

membership Features & Benefits

Power in Numbers

Here’s what makes an Entrepreneur’s Club Membership so valuable for your business:


Proven Business Strategy

Learn about the ‘Jumping off the Hamster Wheel’ methodology and how to apply it to reach your goals and strengthen the financial performance of your business. This is your opportunity to make real and lasting change.​

Take control

Better Networking

For business owners, networking is a crucial part of business growth. We set the stage that allows you to form relationships and expand your circle of influence. Partner with people who can help you find new customers.​


Accountability Power Groups

Although this part of the program is optional, you’d be crazy not to get involved. Leapfrog your results with a peer accountability structure that gives you the support and ‘positive pressure’ to execute on critical actions. Be bold and use your peers to elevate your success.

move forward

Professional Development

Monthly training that builds on the award-winning business coaching that SalesUp! is known for. Delivered in-person and optimized for results (and your busy schedule)​


Online Support

A dedicated online group for accountability and program Q&A. For those times when you feel lost, or just need a little support, a pick me up or some expert advice to see you through.

get an edge

Business Tools

Lifetime access to the proven companion tools within the choose your own adventure of business books: Jumping off the Hamster Wheel: How to Run Your Business So You Sleep At Night

What You Can Expect From Membership

session topics

The need to grow professionally doesn’t disappear for entrepreneurs – in fact, it is often amplified by the lack of feedback and learning structure which causes business owners to operate in a vacuum. The Entrepreneur’s Club addresses the real-world topics that will help you grow your business and gain a professional edge. 

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But the price is down to earth ...

entrance to the entrepreneur's club pays dividends through a community of minds that create results

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Jamie Cunningham

Director | Lead Adviser

SalesUp! Business Coaching

Meet Your Coach

Not located near Beechworth, AUS?

If you're located outside the Beechworth/Albury-Wodonga area, No problem! Live Sessions will be offered virtually for business owners further afield. you'll still get all the tools, support and strategy that comes with being a member of the club!

Professional Development That Pays Dividends

Cash flow forecasting and planning for capital allocation 

  • how to know how much money you will need and by when.  
  • Predicting and planning your financial future. 

Critical Drivers and Dashboards

  • how to identify your levers of growth. What are the predictive things to measure and how to measure and monitor them. 

Profit models and pricing for profit.

  • know how the numbers need to stack up to hit your financial goals.
  • How to ensure you operate above price competition
  • strong margins = strong business. 


  • How, why and what to consider when choosing one
  • How to fully utilise a CRM (segmentation, nurturing, customising customer experience)

Efficiency & Systems

  • How to approach building your workflow
  • Methodology in continual improvement
  • Is it your people or your processes?
  • Knowing what role technology should play in your business
  • What are the key systems you should be thinking about

Technology hacks

  • What are the latest tools we can use to create leverage and automation
  • Is AI applicable for small business? And if so, where and how?

Putting the right people in the right place. 

  • Matching talents to role to reduce growth friction
  • What tools are available and what role does your intuition play?

Recruitment and onboarding. 

  • How to know when you should hire
  • High to attract the best people 
  • how to set them up for success before they’ve even started. 
  • How to design a unique and powerful recruitment system that will give you consistency and make you stand out from the crowd. 

The key to building a winning team. 

  • How to keep the mojo alive
  • How to create rhythmic consistency and maintain focus in execution. Operational excellence.  

Performance management

  • How to be a coach and leader vs. a boss
  • How to run coaching session
  • How to run a performance appraisal meeting.

Conflict management

  • How do diffuse tense situations
  • How to deal with difficult people
  • How to create win/win outcomes
Culture Needs
  • How to ensure your culture says the right things about your organization – and how to course correct when it doesn’t
  • How to effectively measure your culture with tools that provide the full picture
  • How to get your employees onboard with “ownership thinking”

Marketing Consistency 

  • Creating a marketing calendar that yields consistent growth.


  • Designing a killer guarantee to boost your conversion rate. 

Referral Machine  

  • How to deliver so people willingly refer
  • How to build the mechanisms to make sure they do. 

Sales – in person

  • Understanding the foundations of influence
  • Understanding behaviour style and subconscious communication
  • How to prepare for and run a sales meeting 

Sales – making appointments

  • Phone skills
  • What are you missing when you can’t see the other person
  • How to create scripts that don’t sound like scripts. 
  • Getting through the gate keeping and managing the dreaded voicemail. 
  • How to create need and urgency that leads to a ‘yes’. 

Strategic Alliances

  • Using strategic alliances as the most powerful low budget marketing strategy.

Mastering online marketing

  • How do you develop your online strategy?
  • The million dollar question – how do I get our site to rank?
  • Should I pay for advertising online and if yes, where?

Thinking habits

  • How do the most successful people on the planet think? 
  • What are the daily habits that create their success? 

Time Choices

  • How to setup your time investment to optimise for goal achievement
  • How to leverage your talents in the most time productive way
  • How to delegate effectively.


  • How to use big thinking to break through limiting mindsets
  • How to bring big thinking down to a day to day level
  • How to find time to execute on your daily tasks 

Your Network

  • The how and why behind building a world class network. 
  • Your net worth is a reflection of your network.