Game Changing Actions That Will Boost Your Sales Process

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Below you will find a set of videos, activities, and game changing actions that will drive your sales (and your thinking) through the roof. Each link below will take you to a video page, with additional resources to help you get the most out of each topic and apply it to your everyday behaviour. Enjoy! Click on the first topic below to get started!

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      • Know Your 80:20


    • Time to Think

      1. What are your 80% activities? And how are you scheduling them to make them NOT Negotiable?
      2. Who are your 80% clients? What do they need from you? How are you delivering value far above what they are paying you?
      3. What are your 80% lead sources/methods. How are you developing them?

    • Game Changing Actions

      Put visual notices around asking – “Am I focused on the 20% activities and clients?”

    • Additional Resources

  • Book – 80:20 Sales and Marketing – Perry Marshall
  • Book – Raving Fans – Ken Blanchard
  • Your Ideal Customer

    Time to Think

    1. How many categories of ideal client do you have? 2. How do your current clients stack up within these categories? And the ones that don’t really fit, how is that affecting your time/sales/profits? 3. How well are your lead generation methods aligned to attract your Ideal Customer?
  • Game Changing Actions

    Get crystal clear on your Ideal client profiles
  • Additional Resources

    Workbook – Your Ideal Customer
  • Your Secret Weapon – World Class Questions

  • Time to Think

    1. How much talking vs listening are you doing in your sales calls?
    2. How often are your customers/prospects saying to you “Gee that’s a good question”?
    3. What are the most common questions other sales people are asking … and how are you being different?

  • Game Changing Actions

    • Write out a list of 50 possible though provoking, value adding, differentiating questions
    • Cut out the half that other sales people are asking
    • Test out the 25 remaining
    • Continue to refine and practice
  • Presenting YOU

  • Time to Think

    1. What is the first thought you want a customer or prospect to have about you when they first meet you? What do you need to do to create that?
    2. What needs to be in your sales kit?
    3. If you were to create a checklist to guide you on preparing for a sales call, what would be on it?
    4. When you are feeling a little down, how do you build your mindset to be an 8 out of 10 or above?

  • Game Changing Actions

    Build your sales kit
    Write out your standards for dress code and hygiene
    Build your ‘winning mindset’ rituals.

  • Additional Resources

    Book – The Little Gold Book of Yes! Attitude– Jeffrey Gitomer
    Book – How to be a Winner – Zig Ziglar

  • The Ultimate Secret – Confidence

  • Time to Think

    1. How would you describe the person you aspire to be … write it out
    2. What are the 3 key areas, you want to develop better skills or deeper level of knowledge? And what can you do about it

Additional Resources

  • Book – Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill
  • Book – The Winners Bible by  Dr. Kerry Spackman
  • Book – The Little Gold Book of Yes! Attitude by Jeffrey Gitomer

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