Make it Easy to Buy…

Quick scenario survey … You are in a reasonable rush to buy a piece of material for a wall hanging at your home. You call 2 stores to check on stocks. Given the 2 store responses below, which one would you buy from? And Store 1 is 25 mins away … Store 2 is 30 mins away.

Store 1 response – pleasant and friendly, says “I’ll need to go and check. Can you call back in 10 minutes”
Store 2 response – pleasant and friendly, says “Let me call you back in 10 minutes after I check the stock”. Then calls back in 3 minutes saying they have it.
Well this was a real senario for me and I chose Store 2. For me it was simple … they made it easy for me to make a choice. Now this was only a small purchase but I think the message applies to many situations. Make it easy for your customer to choose you. The more you make them work, the less likely they will be buying.
Keep it great!

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