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How-To Videos

90-Day Planning

Having a plan helps you avoid getting caught up in the “day-to-day” that can put you in a reactive state. This is often one of the sole reasons owners can’t get ahead in their business. A 90-Day plan provides and focus and a framework to ensure that what matters gets worked on. This video explains how to do it.

Understanding Your Financials

The language of business is numbers. In this video we go through the financials and the three report cards you get through your accountant or accounting system that give you insight into the money you’re making (or not).

Cashflow Forecasting

Cash is one of the most important things to be aware of in your business. It may even be the cause of sleepless nights. Having a toll that can get you in control of your cash position is critical. Here’s how to do that.

Creating Your Budget

Another fun financial video. Many businesses have never done a budget before, This video explains why this is such a critical tool for your business.

Exporting Your Financials

A practical guide on exporting your financial statements and customize them so you don’t miss the important numbers that are impacting your business.

Developing Sales Targets

Developing sales targets can be one of the hardest things to do when planning your business. While you can’t predict the future, this video shows you methodology that provides a tangible set of specs that will affect the accuracy of your predictions. 

Strategic Alliances

This video, from our Marketing Mastery Program looks at one of the best methods of marketing strategies available to business owners – Strategic Alliances. This video looks at what they are and how to set them up for the best benefit.

Strategic Alliance Vehicles

This video expands on the concepts learned in the Strategic Alliances Video above and looks at the various avenues you can use when brainstorming with your alliances.

Creating Your Workflow

Understanding your workflow is a fundamental part of smooth delivery in your business. This video takes you through the entire process from making a sale to when you collect payment.

Default Diary

Time is important, critical even for your business. A default diary is all about how you are setting your time up in a way that assists you in achieving your goals. If you haven’t watched the Time Target video, do that first so you can understand the concepts around why a default diary is a helpful tool. 

Orgnisational Charts

Your organisation chart is about giving everyone a role in your organisation in a way that not only lets them, but everyone else know what that role is. In this video we’re going to look at creating and/or refining your organisational chart using three different models to help you stay ahead of the curve.

Flippen Profile

This video gives you a little bit of an outline of the Flippen Profile, how we approach the debrief, and lays down some playing rules so you get the most out of the process.

Undserstanding DiSC

One of the tools that has long been used to understand human behaviour and the things that drive those behaviours is the DiSC profile. In this video we review DiSC as a tool specific to “Four Quadrant Theory” and how it can benefit your business.

Skills-Attitude Matrix

This takes the results of DiSC and plots where different behaviours sit and how to balance those traits to the benefit of your business.

Managing Your Energy

This video looks at what it takes to be fully engaged and get results, with a concept that doesn’t look at how much time you are spending on a task, but the type of energy you bring to that task that is going to determine success. 

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