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Welcome to the Financial Mastery Program.

Congratulations on making a fantastic investment in the future of your business. Accounting is the language of business and if you can’t speak the language you can’t play the game (and win). The goal of this program is to give business owners and leaders the knowledge and skills they need around their finances to enable them to build great businesses

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Welcome to Level #1

Let’s get started!

Understanding your financials is a KEY skill in building and running a successful company. Level 1 Financial Mastery is going to give you the basic skills you need to be savvy. Once you’ve mastered the concepts in this course, you’ll be ready for level #2.
This introductory to your Business Finances is going to cover 4 key areas:
1. Understanding and interpreting the 3 major reports:

  • Income Statement
  • Balance Sheet
  • Cash Statement

2. Which numbers are relevant for your business and how often you should be looking at them

3. Who should be on your professional team to support the financial needs of your business.

4. Business Simulation – this is a key exercise that will take all the theory you’ve learned and put it into practice. There is nothing like ‘doing’ to cement the learnings.

Each section is presented in a video and you can watch it as many times as you like. You now own this program so it is yours for life. Click the section below to get started with your first video.

1. Understanding your three major financial reports

2. Which Numbers should you be looking at?

3. Who should be on your financial team?

4. Creating a Cashflow Forecast?

To complete the Cashflow Forecasting Lesson, please download the Forecasting tool HERE

This is your chance to get hands-on. In this simulation, you are going to walk through some simple (and not so simple :)) transactions and really get a feel for how each transaction affects the three financial statements. After completing this exercise, your level of understanding will be stronger than 90% of business owners! Print off the workbook and work through each of the 6 videos. And because you now own this program, you can do this as many times as you need to become a master! Access the Workbook HERE Good luck and remember, the work you do here is going to be a financial education for life. The pay off is huge!