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10 Podcasts To Make You Better in 2020

Anyone who has worked with me, knows my passion for learning runs deep. Professional development for entrepreneurs is likely one of the most underutilized tools available to business owners, yet it’s one that can make a major impact on a business. Many business owners don’t think they have the time to dedicate to learning when they are overwhelmed with the day to day. I understand this. That’s why I am a massive fan of podcasts. They are a great way to exercise the mind, open ourselves up to new ways of thinking and plant the seed of business growth. So, in the spirit of better business in 2020 (and the theme of doubling everything that’s good for you), here are my top 10 favourite podcasts that are always on my personal playlist, and bonus for you at the end 🙂 Start with one. Heck start with a few minutes, and work your way up from there. I guarantee you will find them informative, entertaining and well worth the time it takes to cue one up and listen on the go. Be sure to tell me your favourites in the comments below – let’s get a diverse list of everyone’s best podcasts on the go!

1. Finding Mastery – Conversations with Michael Gervais

From hall of fame athletes to action sport game-changers,
entrepreneurs, Mixed Martial Artists and musicians, the Finding Mastery Podcast
follows Dr. Michael Gervais as he finds and provides practices that we can all
use to be and do more in our lives. I love this podcast for its variety and
insight and is always a favourite on my list.

Favourite Episode: Brian Volk-Weiss on Following Your Intuition

2. Challenge Your Thinking with Dr. Linda Tucker

Overcoming challenges is something we all must do on a daily
basis, but when it comes to business, not being able to look at things from
different angles can be catastrophic to potential. In the Challenge
Your Thinking Podcast
, Dr. Tucker uses her psychoanalytic skills to help us
overcome challenges in conversations with an array of real entrepreneurs and
leaders. It’s a perfect one to listen to on the road.

Favourite Episode: Originals: How Non-Conformists Move the World

3. Business Wars

Relatively short (20-30 minutes) and full of entertainment
value, Business Wars
tells the stories of epic business battles (Nike vs. Adidas, anyone?) in dramatic
fashion. While the stories are the main focus, you really get a sense of what
drives these organizations and there’s a lot to learn about culture and value

Favourite Episode: McDonalds vs. Burger King

4. How I Built This with Guy Raz

There are some organizations that are more than companies—they
are movements. NPR’s
How I Built This
delves into the journey of “innovators, entrepreneurs
and idealists”, and examines the worlds they have built. Each show comes
with a great post-script that gives a look back on other entrepreneur journeys
and is a great well-rounded podcast.

Favourite Episode: Chicken Salad Chick: Stacy Brown

5. Masters of Scale

Hosted by Reid Hoffman, the co-founder of LinkedIn, The Masters of Scale Podcast is a
fantastic look at how mega-businesses are built, and on what principles.
Another boon for the show, it’s the first American media program to commit to
gender balance for guests, which means it’s a great look at diversity of experience.

Favourite Episode: The Beauty of a Bad Idea

6. Small Business, Big Marketing

Touted as Australia’s number one marketing show, the Small Business Big
Marketing Show
is a real cracker. Hosted by Timbo Reid, this podcast is a
wealth of information and is full of practical tips and reminders for the
marketing-savvy business owner (or those who are trying to become more so.)
Best of all it includes listener questions which are really relevant to most
business owners.

Favourite Episode:  Ex-Toilet Cleaner Turned Product Developer Ammon Arrave On How He Came to Invent The One 80 Light | #483

7. The Tim Ferriss Show

You will likely see this podcast on every list of business
podcast shows—and for good reason. The Tim
Ferriss Show
is currently #1 on Apple podcasts and is full of gold. Fort
hose who don’t know, Tim Ferriss is the author of the 4-Hour Workweek and in
this podcast, he goes beyond business and does a deep dive into many different
performers to discover tips we can all use, no matter how inapplicable they may
seem at first.

Favourite Episode: Too many to count (just pick one and start there!)

8. Guy Lawrence Podcast

From meditation, abundance, nutrition, movement,
neuroscience; to finding your purpose, business and everything in between, Guy Lawrence interviews an eclectic
group of people and looks at various aspects of health, wealth and wisdom. I’m
always interested in the various ways health impacts wealth (and the other way
around) and this podcast is a great look at alternative pathways to success. I highly

Favourite Episode: Reflections, Hardships and Highlights with Guy and Lynda Lawrence

9. Future Sense

With a focus on global sense, anyone interested in emerging technologies
should listen to the Future
Sense podcast
. We live in a fast moving, ever-changing society, and the
more information we have about how technology will impact and change that can
help keep us ahead of the curve.

Favourite Episode: Words vs. Actions – Part 1 & 2

10. Brains On

And, because life is all about balance, Brains On is a podcast for “kids and
curious adults” that I kid you not, the whole family will enjoy and learn
something from. Because the format includes kid presenters, easy to digest
information and enough humour to keep it interesting, it really is a favourite
with the SalesUp! team and one we highly recommend for a road trip. Be sure to
stay tuned for the “mystery sound” in each episode.

Favourite Episode: Memory and Deja Vu

11. BONUS – The Business Nutrition Podcast

Dive back into the archives with us, as yours truly navigates the business world by highlighting individual entrepreneur journeys that have made a difference. From getting the banks to say yes, to mastering business growth, there’s a great series of short interviews to fuel your fire. Check it out. It’s definitely on of our favourite podcasts!

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