What Others are Saying about SalesUp!

Since working with Jamie we’ve dramatically changed around our cash flow. Where we used to be into our line of credit by a massive amount, now we are in the positive by the equal amount. We did this by Jamie helping us with small changes in our purchasing process and training staff. We also developed specific measures of success that allow team to know how to make the right decisions.

Brenda Meridyth, Central Industrial Solutions

Even with my existing knowledge around business, and marketing particularly, it has been extremely helpful to have someone to bounce ideas off and help me see my blind spots.

Jamie’s style is assertive yet empathetic. He makes sure we are getting results but does in a way that makes it fun. If you have the desire to take your business up a notch (or turn it around completely) I highly recommend getting Jamie on board.

Stacey Sherwood, SupperWorks

I truly believe that when we think we know things, that in itself can make us blind. Jamie has been instrumental in helping us see the important things clearly and developing the plan to act on those things. That combined with the follow-up and accountability has led to massive changes in our business.”

Mark Trent, Pegasus Glass

Thanks to Jamie, I am now able to keep focus in my business by putting aside the time to work on the right things which get results; rather than trying to manage every aspect myself. In turn, this has helped make me a better leader, and has empowered my team to manage key aspects of the sales and marketing process while surpassing expectation along the way. Thank you Jamie, for continuing to keep me on track (and honest with myself) about my goals and expectations—and for making the changes in my business which have also made a huge difference for me personally!

Candace Wagner, SupperWorks Waterloo

The inefficiency in our small business was causing our team a lot of stress. Jamie’s energetic, focused and enthusiastic approach got us excited about tackling the areas of our business in need of change.

Jamie helped us discover what areas were of high priority, and we created a transformative plan.  We organized clinic operations, administration and our hiring process.

Along the way Jamie also offered mentoring to help us cultivate a healthy understanding of business.  After just a few months of work, our team was happier.

After one year of efficient business management our productivity increased. Our work with Jamie impacted our business in such a tremendously positive way.  He is an outstanding business coach.

Ernie Bagnulo, Wellness Institute of Niagara

In the past year we have seen our revenue climb and profits increase by 309%.

We finish each coaching session with clear focus and direction.  We are ultimately responsible for doing the work, but he provides us with great insight and guidance. We are excited about prospects of opening a 2nd location something that was just a dream 1 year and a half ago.

Jennifer Alford, Meadowlands Physiotherapy

I have gone from working 60 hours a week to 36 hours. you have taught me to step outside of the box and not be afraid to try different techniques.

Sheryl Bender, S&D Accounting

“Working with Jamie the past few years has been an amazing experience. We look forward to our coaching sessions with him to energize and help focus us on keeping our business moving forward and profitable. He constantly amazes us with his grasp of business fundamentals. He is prompt, reliable and fun to work with. We can’t imagine how anyone can operate a business these days without a coach like Jamie!”

Jerry Foster, Foster Auto Group


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