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One simple thing you can do to help your team perform at their best, is make it very clear on how they can be successful in their role. 
This might sound like common sense, but it's amazing how often we've had clients ask their team to write down what they believe they are accountable for and have the answers come back to raised eyebrows.
On the same point, anytime a person is unsure on how their performance will be measured (i.e. 'Am i doing a good job?'), it can lead to a lack of clarity which can manifest in lower performance.
To take this point and magnify it, think about yourself. If you have a task in front of you and you are not clear on how you are going to do it, or what the outcome needs to look like, how often will you procrastinate on this? The same principle applies to your team and their level of clarity on what they are supposed to do or how they will be measured. 
Of course this brings up the topic of how we measure performance and give feedback (or as Jack Welch would say 'feedforward' - another topic and one we'll save for a later edition of Business Nutrition).
If you don't have an objective measure of what is expected, how can you give objective feedback on performance?
Enjoy the content below and use this edition as a catalyst to check in with your team on their level of clarity. Perhaps you are doing well - and if you're not, what a great opportunity to step it up a level 🙂




P.S. Be sure to check out Ricardo's TED talk below - he gives us lots to think about. 



Roles and Responsibilities Made Simple
Check out this 2:44 video where we share our approach and alternative to the traditional job description ... note: roles are not about activities - they are about outcomes. 
And to see an example of a SalesUp! position contract, download here
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The Downsides of Traditional Job Descriptions 
Here's another perspective around focusing on outcomes vs actions. This short article shares the downsides of traditional job descriptions and talks about the upside of 'performance profiles'.
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How to Create a Performance Profile
This slightly longer article gives a good outline on how to go about creating a performance profile - a.k.a. position contract.
You can use the steps outlined in this article in conjunction with our sample above to get yourself started. Enjoy   
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How to Run a Company with Almost No Rules


In this amazing TED talk by Ricardo Semler, he shares how he's been breaking the conventional mould of structuring a company for the past 30+ years ... right down to people setting their own pay levels!


Check it out here


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