We are already 3 weeks into 2016. Wow … only 49 more. Below are some thoughts on making them count.

A good starting place is the interview below with Damian McConnell. The content he shares can really make a difference to your year!

And a quick reminder, if you have not yet set some goals for the year and mapped out an action plan for your first 90-days, now is the time to get on that. Here’s a link to our 90-day planning tool that will guide you through it.

Making Your Goals Your Reality

This was a really fun interview to do. I saw Damian present at a breakfast meeting and knew I needed to share his message with you. With the new year well under way, no doubt you’ve set some goals (if you haven’t GET ON IT! – here’s a link to help you).

In this interview Damian shares the secrets to making sure your BIG goals become a reality. This is a must listen if you are serious about making 2016 a year to remember.

Listen to it here

15 Unique 30-day Challenges To Make You A Better You

Taking on 30-day challenges is a much easier concept to buy into vs. radical lifestyle changes. And the great thing is, often if you can do it for 30 days, you can do it for longer.

There are some real fun options in here. I’m currently doing #5 which has led in turn to me experiencing #10. It’s amazing what now tastes ‘good’.

I’m also going to do #4 in Feb. Who’s in?

Read the article here

Self Improvement Strategies for Becoming a More Authentic Leader.

If you need to make some improvements on your softer (but critical) skills in leadership, this 7 minute read gives some great tips from a more philosophical perspective. People crave authenticity and I believe every leader can benefit from becoming more so.

Check it out here

A Better Alternative to New Year’s Resolutions

In my view, New Year’s Resolutions are a fad. By that, I mean they just don’t last. Here I share some thoughts and tools on making change a reality.

Check it out.

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