Leading people remotely adds a new spin on leadership (unless of course you have Melina on your team – she’s my right hand). For those of you who don’t know, I live in Australia and Melina lives in Canada, so we are no strangers to remote collaboration ????

And I know some of you have team members either across your respective countries or located internationally. Or, maybe you’ve thought about doing this but aren’t sure if it’s a good idea or how you would do it.

This edition is all about the best practices and how you can best create the ‘in office’ experience to help people feel like a team and maintain high performance.

Below are several articles we think you’ll find helpful, as well as an idea packed interview with Business Owner Matt LeBeau, who shares his tips and experience on remote leadership.

There is massive amounts of information out there on this topic (it’s hot!) – so we’ve skimmed the best of what we could find to save you the time.



How does Matt LeBeau do it?

Matt has a diverse background and currently owns and leads a company which acts like a virtual sales force for companies who don’t have the resources to run their own sales team to represent their products.

Subsequently, Matt has a team of salespeople and sales leaders spread across Canada in their respective roles.

In this interview, we dive into the nitty gritty of how he manages hiring, planning, training and accountability. Matt has built a thriving business so we know his methods work.

Click here for the interview.

Leading from a Distance: How to Manage Remote Employees

This 3 minute read captures the key points and shares some great technology tools for remote leadership. And I’d add that many of the tools mentioned are just as applicable for teams working in the same location.

Here’s the link to the article

How to Get the Efficiency of Remote Workers Even if You’re Not a Remote Team.

This article is quite insightful. It comes from the Zapier blog (I’m a big fan of Zapier) and shows how you can achieve the many benefits you get from having a remote team, with your ‘in-house’ team. (Hint: It is common sense stuff that we all often overlook)

The article is actually a book review (with a twist) of the book REMOTE by 37signals founders Jason Fried and David Heinenmeier

Read the article here (2.5 mins)

Why Remote Teams are the Future (and How to Make Them Work)

This longer article (10 mins) cites some studies and specific advantages of remote teams. It gives tools, examples, and even talks about what doesn’t work with remote teams and what to do about it.

Read it here

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