To grow a business, there are two things you need to be crystal clear about:

Who is your ideal customer?
Why are they going to buy from you?

This edition of Business Nutrition focuses on point two. What makes you different. Differentiation can be challenging to determine, and unless you crack it, it will cost you in sales and profitability.

In this edition, we scoured the world to bring you the best and latest thinking on creating your uniqueness. Included in that is a ‘from the trenches’ interview with Cheryl Cappellano of Idea Factor, who not only has done an outstanding job of differentiation in her own business but through her work, helps others do it in theirs.

Enjoy the content and we’d love to hear success stories on how you’ve created a niche through being different.

Now go make it happen!


From the Trenches

Marketing Guru Cheryl Cappellano shares her story, tips and tricks on how she differentiated her own business and how she helps do it for others.

Cheryl’s company promise is a guaranteed return on their lead generation investment. You could say Cheryl is a money machine ????

Check out the interview this interview here

8 Ways to Differentiate in Price Driven Commodity Markets

This article does a great job of summarising your options if you are in a commodity market. Warning – the layout is horrendous which makes for some tough reading but the content is solid.

That said, the article will get your brain churning. And no doubt you’ll still need to get creative but at least it will point you down the right path.

Click here for the article

Differentiate or Die

Jack Trout is a household name in corporate strategy and marketing consulting. With his classic, “The 22 immutable laws of marketing” – Jack adds to his marketing muscle with this great resource book. I listened to it on audio (who has the time to read anyway?) and thought it was great. He uses some big brands for examples, which, while many of us are not at that level, having a known brand helps to put the ideas into context.

We couldn’t find a summary of this book online, but if you’re a member of getabstract, you can find the summary here

Here’s the audio version I listened to.

Emotional Connection is the Key

In this fascinating article from the Harvard Business Review, you’ll learn about some examples of creating a difference through better understanding and use of the emotional connection between your product or service and your customer.

Emotional connectivity is a total game changer. If you currently sell on price vs. value, you may be missing this important ingredient of “emotional connection”.

Check out the article here

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