One of the greatest points of leverage for any company that wants to grow, is in building, leading and coaching their sales team. Of course if this was an easy task, every company would be setting records – and the reality is, most are not.

So here I want to share with you some simply awesome resources to help you get some wins towards building your high performance sales team. Whether you have a sales team of one (you) or fifty, most of these principles still apply.

How do you hiring the top performers?

This is perhaps the million dollar question. If you’re like many I worked with, you’ve had the experience of the sales rockstar who looks good on paper and their references seem to check out, but when you get them in the seat, their performance leaves a lot to be desired.
While there is no silver bullet solution, there certainly are principles successful recruiters use to get results. For this issue I sought out an expert in the field of recruiting to help distill some of the key attributes to look for as well as help us understand the ideal hiring process and where to find the ideal applicants.
Kristen Harcourt has seen hundreds of profiles of salespeople. She works with McQuaig Institute who specialize in helping employers find and filter for top performing sales people. In this interview we delve deep into how they approach hiring. Click here to hear Kristen secrets of the trade.

Here’s the cheat notes on Sales Leadership…

If you’re in the position of Sales Manager … rethink your role. Sales Management is resented by most sales people. What top performers value is coaching and leadership.
In his ground breaking book “Hyper Sales Growth” – Jack Daly (Sales Coach King) outlines a remarkable recipe for effective sales leadership. I was going to write a review on this book myself but found a much better online by Wade Danielson from Entrepreneurs Library. He has recorded a 24min summary of the book which gives you the highlights. Enjoy the summary here.
I would also highly advocate getting a copy of this book for your company library. It really is the bible of sales leadership.
And here is a link to the audiobook on amazon/audible.

Australian link.
North American link.

What about compensation and bonuses?

Compensation can be a tricky topic. You need to reward high enough to attract the top performers yet also structure it in a way that makes it sustainable for your business.
And how do you balance between base and commission? Here are a couple of helpful articles that provide some insight. Each are about a 5 minute read.

2015Comp Plan: Keep it Simple

Compensating Salespeople

You can also review my blog article on developing high performance sales teams that shows a sample of a base/commission structure.

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