The two major causes of stress for business owners are people and money. In fact, it might be fair to say that about life too ???? Marketing, marketing They say feedback is the breakfast of champions. In my experience it’s true. In fact, I believe most people want to know how they are doing. If we don’t know how we are doing then we can start to lose momentum because we don’t know if what we are doing is working or adding value. Our subconscious can start to think “what’s the point of doing this? No-one is noticing”.

Feedback is a critical piece in creating a high performance culture. It is a core component in raising standards and helping people grow. And when your people grow, your company grows.

To build a high performing team, there are 5 core ingredients:

  • Purpose (Why are we here?)
  • Progress and Feedback (How am I doing and where am I going?)
  • Plan (What’s the goal? And who does what by when?)
  • Playing Rules (Standards for performance and behaviour)
  • Player Selection (Recruiting)

This edition is all about the ‘Progress & Feedback’ ingredient.

How well do you do at providing candid feedback to your team on their performance?

If you know this is an area you could be doing better in, you’ll find some good reading and resources below to help you out.


P.S. Check out this 1:41 video talking about the benefit of objective feedback. Ignore the fact that the cars in the video are acting in complete contrast to the point I’m trying to make ????

If This is How You Handle Employee Performance … You May be Doing it Wrong

From our very own HR maverick: Melina’s been in the HR game long enough to be on top of the tools and techniques that work vs. those that are antiquated or simply fads.

In this blog post, Melina gives you a framework and understanding of how to best go about performance appraisals. Check it out.

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For Those Who Love Technology

Digital tools can be a great way to set up projects, timelines, accountabilities and manage communication, and they can avoid the “you never told me that” syndrome.

That said, they do not excuse you from being a leader. They will just make you a more organised one.

This article shares 14 cool tools (we use a couple of them), so if you are technically inclined, it makes a good shopping list. Just make sure these don’t become shiny new things to get you distracted

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How to Track Employee Productivity Without Becoming Big Brother

This is a great article. It starts with some scary examples.. yikes

But the ethos it communicates is spot on. How do you take the trend of the ‘quantified-self’ movement and use it effectively and willingly in the workplace?

Check out this article to find out more.

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Feed Forward

Jack Welsh – legendary CEO of GE talks about giving feedforward not feedback. Makes sense to me.

So we created the feedforward form for our clients to use, which is a simple one pager that gives you a format for those performance check ins.

You can download a sample below – and if you need some guidance on how to use it, send us an email [email protected] or just reply to this email.



Coaching For Performance – John Whitmore.

When things go south in a performance review it is usually due to the skillset of the person giving the review.

Developing some coaching skills will greatly increase your effectiveness in helping your people grow.

Get it, read it.