The two major causes of stress for business owners are people and money. In fact, it might be fair to say that about life too ???? Marketing, marketing They say feedback is the breakfast of champions. In my experience it’s true. In fact, I believe most people want to know how they are doing. If we don’t know how we are doing then we can start to lose momentum because we don’t know if what we are doing is working or adding value. Our subconscious can start to think “what’s the point of doing this? No-one is There can often be no better strategy for reducing stress and impacting the growth of your business than getting the right people on board. End of story.

That might sound dramatic but it’s true. Too often, we see business owners settle for ‘good enough’ or be hamstrung by a team whose output is out of balance to their required management input.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not pointing the blame at the team … in fact it’s quite the opposite. To hire the right people, the ability to attract, identify and retain those people is critical … and that is all in the hands of you, the owner/leader.

Enjoy this edition with some interesting reading on the tips and tricks to hiring great people.



P.S. for a sneak peak at our 4 tips to boost your attraction factor, check out this 2 minute video

How Do Others Do It?

This is a fun and interesting read on some known (and not-so-known) entrepreneurs revealing their tips and tricks. A few I’m not sure about but each to their own.

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How to Attract the Best Employees

This short outline gives five key points to consider when it comes to attracting great people. You might not have point #1 (but it could be something to work towards) but all the others are 100% within your control.

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The One Recruitment Mistake You’re Probably Making – and How to Fix it

Ever heard of the Halo effect? I hadn’t either until Melina (our HR rockstar) enlightened me.

In this easy reading blog post, Melina shares some insights from her extensive HR background to help you understand some of the subtle biases that might be entering your selection process ….

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Book Recommendations

First Break All the Rules

This ones not so much about hiring as it is about creating a great leadership culture. Based on a quantitative study of over 200,000 managers and 1,000,000 employees, this book distills the best management practices that lead to profitable cultures.

That in turn will help your attraction factor ????

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