The two major causes of stress for business owners are people and money. In fact, it might be fair to say that about life too ???? Marketing, marketing They say feedback is the breakfast of champions. In my experience it’s true. In fact, I believe most people want to know how they are doing. If we don’t know how we are doing then we can start to lose momentum because we don’t know if what we are doing is working or adding value. Our subconscious can start to think “what’s the point of doing this? No-one is There can often be no better strategy for reducing stress and impacting the growth of your business than getting the right people on board. End of story. We’re a month into 2017 and the excitement of the new year, new goals and a fresh slate is starting to wear off I’m sure … how are you and your team doing?

It’s relatively easy to start off with a bang, saying “this will be the year” – and I love that attitude … as long as it’s backed with strategy. And I’m not just talking about strategy in your plan, I’m talking about the strategy to execute on your plan.

Maintaining momentum is possibly one of the hardest parts of business. The day-to-day priorities and urgent tasks take over and before you know it, your plan can seem like a distant memory.

This edition of Business Nutrition we want to give you some tools and knowledge around how to maintain that all important – nay, critical – MOMENTUM.

Make 2017 the year of getting it done!




P.S. To find out our 3 keys to maintaining momentum, check out this 2:45 min video.

The Art of Execution

Well known business author Guy Kawasaki shares some great tips and insights in this condensed article. It’s a quick read and I really like his points #5 & 6 (are common downfalls I see often).

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The Power of the Daily Huddle

Nobody likes meetings, but not all meetings are bad. In fact meetings are critical to maintaining a rhythm (see my video link above), as long as they’re the right type of meetings. In this short article, the practice of the ‘Daily Huddle’ is explored.

How can you use this in your business?

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What Gets Measured ….

The old maxim “What gets measured gets managed” by Peter Drucker is still as relevant today as it was back when he quoted it.

And this article by Business Management legend Tom Peters expands on that idea.

After reading this article, if you are thirsty for more, check out his book – In Search of Excellence. It’s aimed at larger corporate organisations but the principles are all equally relevant for SME’s.

How can you use this in your business?

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Book Recommendations

Mastering the Rockefeller Habits

Taking the lessons from industrial tycoon John D Rockefeller, this modern compilation shares the tips and habits that were used in that era to create an industrial giant.

Here’s a good summary or, I highly recommend buying the book and reading the whole thing.