How much do you know about how to maximise the value of your company?

Do you know what it is worth today or how much you want it to be worth?

If you’re like most, it is a little bit hazy, but fear not! In this edition we link to some resources which will help bring you up to speed with not only how to maximise the value, but what you need to consider when it comes time to sell.

So – what if you’re not looking to sell but are on the acquisition path?

No problem either. This info will help you to identify under valued companies to seek out or at least give you another perspective when it comes to valuations.

The best place to start is with the interview I recently did with Rob Mitchell of Sunbelt Business Brokers. Rob is a veteran in the field of buying and selling and shares with us some of the hurdles, hiccups and tricks of the trade, to maximise value and make a sale go smoothly.

What can we learn from the Pros?

When you want to learn something, it is best to learn from someone who is doing it successfully and with a proven track record. Like any profession, when it comes to Business Brokers they are not all equal. There are those who are ‘run of the mill’ and those who are in the top 10% and excel in their craft. Enter Rob Mitchell – a 10 percenter. In this interview, Rob shares with us what he’s learned in the years he’s been buying and selling companies and what business owners need to know to amp up the value of their business and make a transaction happen smoothly.
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How to Improve the Value of Your Company…without Borrowing a Cent.

Sounds like something we all need to know. This article outlines some tips that might surprise you in their simplicity. While most of us are focused on the top and bottom line numbers (which are certainly important) the all telling ‘multiple’ is something you need to be very aware of. This article outlines the factors that could take & improve your multiple five fold. Now that is something worth taking note of. Enjoy the article here

What are some less-obvious issues you should be aware of when it come time to sell?

Just like getting married, selling your business is a decision that requires lots of thought. There are going to be issues and situations that you just didn’t consider before making the choice. This article from gives some of the not so obvious considerations.
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Is selling really the answer?

This article by serial Entrepreneur Ryan Carson, gives another perspective that will help ensure you are selling for the right reasons. Always be thinking of what you will do next.

Free Downloads

Rob (see interview above) has offered some free downloads that will give you more info on buying and selling businesses. If you’d like to check them out, you can do so here. You will also see them just under the interview mp3 file.

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