Lately in conversations with clients, I’ve been asking what have been your biggest wins and learnings throughout 2016. There are a couple of key commonalities that tend to come out during this reflection. And the one that makes up the topic for this issue is ‘the importance of having great people’.

I was chatting with a client today about why one of their divisions is now operating so much better. The answer? They’ve got a great person running it. It’s not the new systems, the clearer policies or the marketing – it’s the person in charge.

So how much focus are you putting on getting GREAT people? Notice I say great – not just good. Good people will do OK, but a great company is built by great people.

If you’re like many business owners, you’ll be saying ‘yeah, yeah I know this’. But stop!! Ask yourself do you actually have great people? And do you know how to find and attract them?

I guess this begs the question – what does ‘great’ mean. And here is my definition – ‘A great team player is one who can take an area of your business and grow or improve it well beyond where it is today’. It is not just someone who is loyal and enthusiastic but someone who has the ability to take take it beyond where it is.

For example, if you are hiring a controller, you want someone with all the right attitudes + experience beyond where you are today. Someone that has the drive enthusiasm and vision to help you grow your company.

Perhaps for 2017, make one of your priorities to have all your key people meet our definition of GREAT.



How Does Google Do It?

While you may not easily see your company in the same light as Google, it helps to look to those who are excelling in a specific area to see how you might be able to adopt their ideas and philosophies.

This article gives you a snap shot on how Google goes about attracting and hiring top talents.

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What is Your Process?

To be able to find and retain the best people, you need to have a process. This is a topic we’ve written about a lot and share again with you. Here’s the process we use with clients. Enjoy!

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Unusual Hiring Practices That Work

One of the poster children in the ‘new age’ of hiring is Zappos, a Las Vegas based online retailer which is now a billion dollar company. This article shares a few of the key strategies they use in their hiring system that are a little unorthodox but certainly work – including offering to pay people to leave after their first 4 weeks!

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Who – The A Method for Hiring

Mastering the Rockefeller Habits

Geoff Smart has possibly conducted more interviews than anyone else on the planet and has done so through the lens of a psychologist – yes he is one.

From all that experience he’s been able to flush out what works and what doesn’t and I’m pleased to say the findings presented in this book are relatively straight-forward and simple.

We’ve now incorporated a lot of Geoff’s work in the process we use with our clients.