What would your business look like if every person in your company who interacted with your customers and prospects not only had an eye for spotting sales opportunities, but the basic skills to nurture them?

This could be your reality. The trouble often is, that most people see ‘sales’ as slimy and unethical, or don’t think their jobs have anything to do with sales. Changing these beliefs within your market-facing teams could be one of your biggest untapped opportunities.

Just imagine: Your delivery person comes in and asks one of your internal salespeople to give Jeff a buzz at XYZ company, because he was talking about needing some ABC’s and your delivery person was keen enough to identify that Jeff has a need that your organization could fill.

And why not? Everyone is in sales, whether they know it or not. So let’s convert that reality to make it work for your business.

If that resonates with you, then you will enjoy the articles and resources below.




To Sell is Human

Last edition we profiled Daniel Pink’s book Drive, and this edition he’s back again. When you do a search for ‘everyone’s a sales person, he comes up time and time again with his book ‘To Sell is Human’.

This article takes some highlights and shares some great insight.

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Tools for Your Customer Service Team

This short article shares 5 good sales tips you can use to better train your customer service team to be the best salespeople they can.

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Advice from the Master – Zig Ziglar

Zig is such a well known name in the field of sales and in this article he shares, among many things, how he got his own team to see themselves as salespeople.

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To get your non-sales people in the mindset of sales, you need to be well versed in the art yourself.

For this reason, the two books I’ve chosen to profile below are outstanding books on sales that will lift your game so you can lift your team’s.

Any of Jeffrey’s work is good but the Little Red Book of Selling is a great starting point in my opinion.

And Harry Beckwith does an outstanding job of helping those who need to sell the intangible such as services. Enjoy!

Jeffrey Gitomer’s Little Red Book of Selling

Book Review

Harry Beckwith – Selling The Invisible

Book Review