For the Aussies reading this, you’ve just entered a new financial year. For everyone else, more than likely you are just over half way through your year. Both time frames are worthy of some reflection, review and planning.

Yes I said that dreaded word: planning

When it comes to growing your business and generating results, planning is such an important cornerstone which I know continually gets overlooked by many. I guess some see it as a passive activity that doesn’t produce immediate results; so when compared to other uses of their time (like making sales, putting out fires or serving customers) it often takes a back seat. BIG MISTAKE.

Now planning is not the be all and end all. I’ve also seen many companies produce elaborate plans with inspiring goals, then first month in, it all falls off the rails. Or momentum just gets lost when old habits kick back in. So there is certainly more to it than planning.

You could say the same for building a house – you need more than a plan to build a house – yes but you do need a plan. Or at least your house will be stronger and better if you start with a plan.

So we’ve dedicated this edition of Business Nutrition to the art of planning and execution. If you are already a planner, you’ll love this and if you are not, let this be your catalyst to get you into the groove. It pays off.




Your Planning Tools

We are kicking it off with a tool I’ve talked about before, and one I use with all my clients to get them on track every quarter.

It is the foundation of effective execution. You can find all the instructions and how-to’s you’ll need to create a kick ass plan by clicking the button below.

P.S. Be prepared to invest some time in creating your plan. If you’re new to it, it may take a bit longer but I recommend a half day session every 90-days.

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Getting Your Team’s Buy-In

Sometimes the problem with a plan is not the plan but getting everyone united around the plan. This problem will vary depending on the size of your team, your culture and your leadership.

This 2 minute read gives four simple tips to help rally your team around the plan and goals for the company. The language can seem a little ‘corporate’ but the concepts apply to small business just as much.

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Is Execution and Momentum The Real Problem?

This article (3 mins) outlines four steps to keep the momentum alive and ensure your plan doesn’t die lonely on a shelf in your office. One of these concepts is the meeting rhythm which I spoke about in one of my YouTube vidoe’s here (3:24).

Click the link below to check out the article

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Book Review – Execution

This one’s been around for a while (2002) and again a little ‘corporate’ but the principles absolutely apply to any size of business.

Be cautious to assume points like ‘clarity of goals’ and ‘frequency of communication’ are easier to do because you have less people. I’ve seen companies of seven people suffer from confusion and stalling because of it.

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