Before you skip forward, thinking “aww c’mon … why are we talking about this fluffy stuff?” I want to ask you a question. Have you ever thought or uttered these words:

“If only I could find good people?” or “how can I get my people to care more?”

These two symptoms (alongside many others) might be an indicator you’re lacking clarity and connection to the purpose of your business. And even if you are clear, you might not be communicating it well.

You might be asking “Purpose … what, why and how?” and that is exactly what this edition is all about. We’ve got some short articles, a couple of book recommendations and a truly kick-ass interview to give you a really rounded view on why your business purpose is so critical – and how to go about bringing it alive in your business.

You don’t have to have a clear and compelling purpose to build a business. But if you want a great business with people who are engaged and living the culture you dream of, then you do.

So, with that said, take a few moments and enjoy the gems below.


From The Trenches

This issue’s interview is with entrepreneurial rock-star Candace Wagner. Candace is one of those people who bleeds her business, not in terms of obsession, but in terms of believing in what she does.

That belief has to come from and be channeled somewhere – enter the company’s purpose for being.

This is a short interview (it doesn’t need to be complicated, people!) where we dive into how Candace incorporates her Company’s purpose into everyday operations and what happens when she loses sight of it.
Check it out here

‘How’ Do You Manifest Purpose In Your Business?

Who better to ask than Sir Richard Branson. In this blog post he shares several examples of companies that have always been Purpose Driven (not just following the recent trend). It’s not complex stuff … which can be a good indicator it’s on the right track. And Sir Richard should know … read it here

You Have to Live It … It’s Not Just A Plaque On The Wall

This article makes me laugh. I mean, what were they thinking in the first place? Regardless I guess we need to put ourselves in their shoes and perhaps that provides some context.

Any way you look at it, this article gives a clear example of a company making decisions that are consistent with their purpose. And in a world where it is ‘trendy’ to be purpose-driven, I think there are many companies that don’t walk their talk. Make sure you are one who does. Check out the article here

Your Reading and Watching Resources

If you have not yet heard of Simon Sinek, now is your chance. He is probably the most quoted recent author when it comes to creating a Purpose-Driven company – and with good reason. You can read the book (worth it but a little wordy in my opinion), or you can check out his TED Talk. Start With Why TED Talk – Simon Sinek

Salim Ismail has compiled a landmark book, sharing his learning about how these new startup and midsize companies are growing so exponentially. There is way more to the book aside from being Purpose-Driven, however, I thought it interesting that his only non-negotiable criteria for a company to be an exponential organisation was to have a ‘Massive Transformational Purpose’. This is a really good book and definitely one to add to your shelf. Check out the book review here – Exponential Organizations

Thought of the Month: