This edition’s topic is a doosy. I mean, it’s a topic that lots of people talk about but very few execute on well (if at all). Yes I’m talking about accountability.

Why do so many of us struggle with holding others accountable? Some of us may even find ‘accountability’ a bit of a dirty word, like “Oooh … that sounds like unpleasant work” or … “how do you do that without making people defensive?”

I’m sure it doesn’t take a Harvard MBA Professor to convince you a team that embodies and embraces accountability is going to outperform one that doesn’t – so if this is an area you struggle with (and many people do) then you are going to love this edition.

One piece of good news right off the bat is that accountability is not about being an asshole. It’s not about getting in people’s faces and taking them to task when they screw up. It’s more about helping people work and live to a higher standard. It’s helping others to perform at a level they otherwise wouldn’t, if left to their own devices.

I believe there a many ways to bring accountability into your company or home (If you struggle at work it is likely you struggle at home too). Knowing your own style and that of your team is critical to making it work for you.

We’ve collected some of the best articles here to help you. And this month, rather than doing an interview (because honestly we could not find a poster child for this topic … yes that is a bit sad), I’ve recorded a short audio that encompasses some strategies and the key principles you’ll want to rely on when having those sometimes challenging conversations.

If you are the poster child for accountability, then I apologise for not reaching out to you. And I’d love to hear how you do it and your success stories.


Jamie’s Accountability Hacks

Much of what I share in this audio is comprised from what I have learned from others and some of which is listed below.

There are a few key principles which, when understood and executed well, can have a dramatically positive effect on your team and your business.

Check it out here

6 Practical Ways to Create A Culture of Accountability

I like this short article (3 min read) as it gives a very S.I.M.P.L.E (you’ll get that when you read the article) method to follow. Accountability is not always simple though and I think there is more to it than this article conveys, but it is a great starting point. Check it out here

So What About Retention of Your Best People?

Again here the list is long regarding potential strategies. Before you approach specific strategies it is more important to review the underlying principles that make people stay with a company. Check out one of my recent blog posts that gives a different way to think about it. Do They ‘Want To’ or ‘Have to’?

Crucial Accountability

Great, Great, Great book. And its cousin Crucial Conversations is an absolutely robust resource when it comes to having difficult but important conversations. When you read these books (or just one of them) you’ll understand why I think the article above gives great highlights but misses some depth.

I have been privileged to hear Joseph Grenny (one of the co-authors) speak on another of his books – The Influencer – and you’ll see some of his work from there appear in Crucial Accountability. Take 2 minutes to watch the video on his website … it might give you goose bumps and help you to understand the importance of the research he shares in his books.

6 Strategies to Create a Culture of Accountability

Six must be the magic number when it comes to accountability. Don’t worry, it’s not the same six items as the previous article. This one’s also a short read but address some of the meatier issues that can undermine your efforts to introduce accountability. A great 3 min read. Check it out here

Thought of the Month: