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No doubt you’ve heard enough about goal setting so far this year, so I’m going to leave that topic right alone. Instead we are going to focus on one of the elements of your business that can really make or break it, particularly when it comes to growth … and that is your people.


What is the TRUE Cost of Making a Bad Hire?

This infographic gives a startling picture of the true total cost of a bad hire. Most of us just think about the compensation we misspent but there’s much more than that. This plays to the importance of getting it right the first time and the retention of your key people.
The True Cost of making a bad hire

So if it cost a lot for a bad hire, how do you make a good one? Let’s ask Steve Jobs …

There are lots of methodologies out there (including my own … stay tuned for an upcoming long blog post) but a guy who did it pretty well was Steve Jobs. Here’s an article that talks about how he attracted his ‘A’ players – How Steve Jobs Attracted the A Player and Kept Them

So What About Retention of Your Best People?

Again here the list is long regarding potential strategies. Before you approach specific strategies it is more important to review the underlying principles that make people stay with a company. Check out one of my recent blog posts that gives a different way to think about it. Do They ‘Want To’ or ‘Have to’?

Some insights from the trenches

Have you ever experienced self doubt? How about struggled to get your team firing. Well, meet Nicole Pereira. She’s been there and succeeded. Nicole owns and manages a Honda Dealership in Ontario Canada. In this interview she shares her story and learning about team, dealing with self belief and the dynamics of family within family business. Nicole is extremely candid and shares some lessons I think most business owners can identify with. The interview just over 30 minutes long and gives some great insights. Enjoy! Access the Interview HERE

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