One-on-One Coaching


The foundation of every SalesUp! Coaching Program is created through an intensive alignment process. The outcome of the Alignment process is an action plan that sets you on the path to where you want to be, taking into account where you are today

The alignment process is usually clustered in five steps:

  1. Goal setting and review of your business today

  2. Financial analysis (using our proprietary analysis tool)

  3. Owner Profiling (understanding strengths and constraints)

  4. Sharing/learning of First Principals – essential knowledge for success.

  5. Action plan creation

The alignment levels are matched to your specific coaching programs.

Level 1 – for our Fundamentals and Growth programs with a mutual time commitment of 2 x ½ days.

Level 2 is directed at our Strategic and Virtual Sales Coach programs.

The Alignment process is custom tailored and will span approx. 2-days. This will vary depending on each business and may include input by relevant members of your team.

Fundamentals Coaching Program

Our entry level 1-on-1 coaching program is designed for the business owner who knows they want a customised approach just for them – the owners. This is typically a good match for business with under 10 staff.

The Fundamentals coaching enables you to get a whole new viewpoint of your business. You will be coached and guided in every relevant aspect of your business including Financial & Marketing Mastery. You will learn how to set up a reliable and accountable Sales System and how Company Culture, Team building and hiring processes have an immediate impact on turnover results and effectivity.

The Fundamentals program includes

  • Coaching sessions twice per month (45-60 min approx.)

  • 3hrs support (email & phone, review of work) per month

  • All online programs and trainings included

  • Profile assessment at cost price


The Growth coaching programs enables you not only to get an intimate understanding in every aspect your business. It is suited for those companies and business owners who are in the process and planning stages of expanding their business, and know involving their team will be an important part of their success.

This stage within the company’s lifecycle is a crucial one and SalesUp! will enable you to optimise the necessary cash flow and free your time to the extent that you will be able to confidently make the independent decisions you see for your personal and professional future.

The Growth program includes:

  • Coaching sessions twice per month (45-60 min approx.)

  • Virtual CFO service

  • Annual full day offsite planning session

  • 2 team trainings per day

  • All online programs and trainings included

  • Unlimited support (email & phone, review of your work and progress) per month

Strategic & Virtual Sales Coach programs

The SSC and VSC programs are custom developed after the alignment sessions and offer a tailor-made approach to the company’s specific requirements.

These programs are best suited for companies and business owners with a larger teams (+/- >50 people) and the desire for substantial and strategic growth. Specifics could also include the business owners demand to sell the enterprise, thus maximising the value or extracting themselves from the business.

All necessary components within the coaching process will vary in frequency and intensity and may include:

  • Coaching for owners, managers and/or employees (1:1 or group sessions)

  • Annual 2-day Strategic Planning offsite

  • Quarterly planning sessions (full or half-day)

  • Profiling where applicable (Flippen and DiSC)

  • Team trainings

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